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I have created this site to bring you along on my journey of finding the missing C-124 Globemaster,  the airmen on the plane and their families members. I hope that my journey will help you on your journey to seek answers about you lost loved one.~Tonja

Mount Gannett

    Mount Gannett 2010

This photo was taken by Calvin Hall and provided by Michael Williams. ~2010


    My Journey

November 22, 1952

Mount Gannett, Alaska

On November 22, 1952 around 13:57P  C-124A-1107 took off from McCord AFB in route to Anchorage, Alaska.  The plane would never make it to its destination.


They would meet their fate crashing into Mount Gannett that day never knowing what happen to them.


Upon finding the plane Dr. Moore and Capt Sullivan would come across the tail end of the plane


Capt Sullivan standing next to the tail end of the plane.


Dr. Moore standing next to the tail end of the plane.